The prayers your kids will love!

“Mom it was those prayers in the entryway that carried me.”

My adult daughter described the difficulties of returning to the homeland for her junior year of High School and shared the significance of a small daily routine in our home. Prayers, specifically Entryway prayers.

In our morning routine, before the kids headed out the door for school, the four of us paused in the entryway to our home. They dropped their backpacks, and we grasped hands to pray together as a family. Jon made it a habit of asking the kids if they had anything specific to pray about. The goal was to pray for the child’s needs, the things that worried them. No matter, if the request was big or small it received our attention in the Entryway.

I learned early on in parenting that our good heavenly Father delights in answering the prayers of our children, despite how unimportant it may seem to us parents. When Kristen was in middle school, she was especially fond of the band “Jars of Clay.” One time we were home on furlough, checking out C.D.’s in the local Christian bookstore when she spotted a Jars of Clay Poster,

“Mom, look they are coming to Portland!”

She grabbed a flyer and stared at it all the way home.

“I really want to go to hear them!”

The concert was on a Friday night, and four hours away from our home. I was doubtful that it could come together. So I downplayed the opportunity to avoid generating excitement that most likely would bring disappointment later.

Our daughter, however, did just the opposite, she hung the flyer on the wall of her bedroom and began to pray. A couple of weeks later, Jon received a phone call from a Portland pastor that we had never met, from a church that didn’t yet support us. He was asking if we could come on a Friday night for a banquet and talk about China. And I’m sure you guessed it was the same Friday night as the concert. We were able to drop our kids off at the concert, attend the banquet and pick them up afterward. Our good heavenly father answered our daughter’s prayer! Answering her prayer didn’t bring souls into the kingdom, and it didn’t raise funds for China or call anyone into the ministry, but responding to that prayer spoke volumes to my little girl’s heart about the Father’s love.

When we think about nurturing our child’s love for God, it’s important that we are praying about for the needs that matter most to them. When those are answered, it will make a huge impact on their own walk with God. Through their prayers, they will personally be experience the Father’s love for themselves.

Whether you pray with your kids in the entryway, around the table or at their bedside, take the time to ask them what their prayers and make praying for their needs the priority.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.”
Matthew 19:14,15

edited by Lydia King

Author: Cyndi

Being a ministry wife in Asia for the past 30 years has filled my life with stories of joy, challenges, and fulfillment. I love sharing my stories with other pastor's wives, hoping to bring a smile or word of encouragement to their day.